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Third Party Provider (TPP) Enquiry Page

If you are a third party provider (TPP) who would like to access authorised Sberbank accounts on behalf of payment service users (PSUs), either for data sharing or payment purposes, please contact our administrators with the information required to verify your TPP status.

You can find more information on API implementation on the following link.

Please fill out form below and contact us. All information is mandatory.

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Next Steps

When we receive a confirmation that you are a registered TPP in Slovenia, we will share your contact details with our TPP managing partner.

Our TPP managing partner will then contact you via email with the details and links required to integrate with their platform and begin accessing Sberbank accounts. Details on how to contact the support team with any queries that you may have during the process will be included.

Important note: Without the confirmation that you are a registered TPP in Slovenia, you will not be able to gain access to service provision.